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Location: Yosemite, CA
August 30, 2011 2:43 pm
Last week we went camping for a few days in Yosemite and while playing in the river I kept noticing that every once in a while bubbles would come out of the sand. While trying to find the culprit I found this strange bug thing that kind of resembles a hermit crab. At first it looked like it had a shell with a beetle head sticking out of it. But after taking a closer look you see that it’s just a bunch of rocks and stuff stuck to it’s back. It stayed completely submerged under water the entire time we were there. Never seen anything like it. Picked it up. Took a picture of it and then put it back. I’ve searched on-line but never found anything close to it.
Signature: Super Curious in SoCal

Caddisfly Larva

Dear Super Curious,
We were puzzled at first by viewing your photo, but upon reading your email, we are certain that this is the larva of a Caddisfly.  They are frequently called Casemakers or Caseworms because of the shelters that are constructed by the larvae for protection.  Each species of Caddisfly constructs a unique case.  Some use twigs, and others use pebbles or shells for their homes.

Thanks a bunch!  I looked around at Caddisfly information after reading your e-mail and I’m sure that’s it.  It was really weird….it had a head that looked like a beetle and I never knew one could live underneath the water.  Always thought of aquatic bugs as kind of floating around on the surface.  Anyway, your site is great!  Love all the pictures.

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Location: California

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