Winged bug in South Florida
Location: South Florida
August 24, 2011 2:46 pm
What the heck is it?
Signature: Bugcurious in bipedaland

Unidentified Moth

Dear Bugcurious,
We believe this is a Moth, but we don’t recognize it and we are not going to try to research it now because we are tired and ready for bed, and tomorrow is a very difficult day.  Perhaps our readership will be able to provide an identity before we can.

I had a biologist friend looking into it for me too. He may have nailed it down. Here’s his best guess: (Spragueia leo moth). If your someone in your community comes with other ideas I’d love to know.

Thanks for saving us a bit of time this morning by providing us with an identification.  BugGuide has numerous photos of this pretty little Owlet Moth.


Location: Florida

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