identity unknown
Location: pulau ubin, singapore
August 23, 2011 8:51 am
hello mr bugman, please Identify my black fly. i found this bug digging in the white sand until it make a whole.
Signature: anything

Thread Waisted Wasp in our opinion

Dear anything,
We believe this is a Thread Waisted Wasp in the family Sphecidae, and we are struck by the similarity between your wasp’s face and this Great Golden Digger Wasp posted to BugGuide.  We believe your Asian species may be closely related to our North American species.  The female Great Golden Digger Wasp provisions her nest with paralyzed Katydids to feed her brood.

Thanks for your effort. But thread-waisted wasp has a red color near the its tail but my one is a pure black . For a moment i will use the name you given to me. Thanks

The family Sphecidae is known as the Thread Waisted Wasps and it probably contains thousands of species world wide.

Location: Singapore

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