fishing spider??
August 22, 2011 10:17 am
i posted pics to your facebbok page and have tried 3 time s unsuccessfully ot send them to you on here, it wont upload them. its a green spider, in the water and it had grabbed a tiny tadpole out of the water. its beena  couple of months since i posted them! wondering if you can help!
Signature: BIBEF

we do not check the facebook pages.  We reserve that as an open forum.  We only post letters that come to our website directly.  We are very curious about the photos of the spider you describe and we would love to see the photos.  Your aphid photos did arrive correctly.  Try attaching the spider photos to this response and please add all the information on the sighting, like location and date.

hope it works this way, i have seen spiders near water, but never IN the water. the one pic is a good one of the spider, you can see its feet pressing on the surface of the water, and the second which sadly came out blurry, you can see the tadpole it grabbed out of the water in its mouth. i was only able to get the one with te tadpole and almost fell in the pond trying to get that one, so thats why only the blurry one! ive look ed at fishing spiders on your site and they dont really look like this one, but that could just be me!!

Six Spotted Fishing Spider

Dear Bibef,
We are very happy we requested you to resend these photos.  Other letters from you have come from Ohio.  Is this also Ohio?  This is definitely a Fishing Spider in the genus
Dolomedes, and we have identified it as a Six Spotted Fishing Spider, Dolomedes triton.  We have some old images in our archives, including these images from Louisiana, and this image from Florida,  but your image is the only we have received depicting a food chain image with aquatic prey.

Six Spotted Fishing Spider eats Tadpole

yes ohio, caesars creek state park to be exact, and thank you, fun finding out they come in a variety of colors!!

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Location: Ohio

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  1. Kim McGhee says:

    Hi, I would like to use one or more of your fishing spider images for a story on fishing spiders for the newsletter of the South Carolina Sierra Club.

    • bugman says:

      Hi Kim,
      We have no problem with allowing images from our website to be used for nonprofit educational purposes, so you may use the images on this posting for your newsletter. We like to have requests like this as comments to our postings so that the originator of the image who holds the copyright will know about image use. We do include a disclaimer on our identification request form that allows us to post images and content on our site as well as authorized publications. Sometimes year later it is very difficult to contact the photographer directly, but in the interest of transparency, your request is now an official comment and you have our permission to use the image for the purpose stated. Thanks for your interest in What’s That Bug? and thank you for promoting an appreciation of the lower beasts in your local newsletter. If you want to use additional images now or in the future, please place a comment on the appropriate posting. Please credit What’s That Bug? as well as the photographer who only provided the name BIBEF.

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