What’s this bug?
Location: North Georgia mountain town of Ellijay GA
August 20, 2011 7:01 pm
I live in the north georgia town of Ellijay.
What’s this cute guys name?
Gerry Fazzari
Signature: best regards

Male Dobsonfly

Hi Gerry,
This magnificent insect is a male DobsonflyFemale Dobsonflies have much less prominent mandibles.  We are quite certain that your photo will give nightmares for weeks to come to a few folks visiting our website for the first time to get some “huge” home intruder identified.  They will probably also experience a sense of relief that their earwig or ground beetle is nothing compared to what they grow in Georgia (and many other parts of eastern North America).

Location: Georgia

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  1. Holly Gilstrap says:

    I breed African Cichlids here in the North Hall area of Gainesville. I leave my basement door open usually bc is so hot and humid down here. Well low and behold something big flew in but I didn’t see what it was and am quite used to critters sneaking in, however….I spotted her and looked her up right away. She gives me the chills but I guarantee my Bearded Dragons, if they saw her, would make a snack of her. What’s the story behind these unusually large insects? Would love to upload a pic but don’t see the option.

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