House Centipede
Location: Portland, OR
August 21, 2011 1:52 am
I know this is a house centipede, but I am curious if I should avoid picking them up? I realize they are ”harmless” in the sense that their venom is very mild, but is it recommended to use a cup rather than hands to gently place them outside? Love the site, btw.
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House Centipede

Hi J,
Thank you for submitting your question.  Our favorite way to remove potentially stinging or biting insects from the home is printed in Daniel’s book, The Curious World of Bugs.  Trap the creature in an inverted martini glass and then slip a postcard between the opening of the glass and the home surface.  The creature can then be safely relocated.  For years we have been claiming that House Centipedes are perfectly harmless, but we concede that they might bite if handled.  More detrimental to the House Centipede would be losing some legs due to careless handling.  The martini glass method ensures that both the House Centipede and the Bug Humanitarian (yes you were tagged because of your question) will remain safe. 

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Location: Oregon

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  1. George says:

    These house centipedes do bite. I was transporting old books in boxes in my car and one of these managed to climb up my car seat an drop onto my shoulder by my neck and bit me. It felt like a bee sting. I smacked it dead. I had left a purple spot where it bit me and it later left it itchy and finally went away.

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