Moth Buckskin colored with Magenta bars
Location: Gladstone, IL.
August 20, 2011 2:54 pm
Yesterday I saw this brightly colored moth in the grassy area near a lake that was made from an abandoned sand pit. The unusual color and antenna intrigued me. Thanks for your help today and in the past! I was only able to get one view.
Signature: Randy Anderson

Chickweed Geometer

Hi Randy,
This is a Diurnal Inchworm Moth in the family Geometridae and we have identified it as the Chickweed Geometer,
Haematopis grataria, by using BugGuide as a resource.  The plumose antennae identify your individual as a male.

Update from Randy
Chickweed Geometer Moth
Location: Gladstone, IL.
August 22, 2011 2:54 pm
I wanted to thank you for ID of the Chickweed Moth yesterday. Today I saw two more in the same area at Gladstone Lake. One had the under wings towards me and the other had his upper wings towards me.I think they were both males. Thanks again!
Signature: Randy Anderson

Chickweed Geometer Moth

Thanks for the update Randy.  We have added this to the posting from yesterday.

Location: Illinois

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