Yellow Insect
Location: Newton, New Jersey, weeping cherry tree
August 20, 2011 10:09 am
I am hoping you can identify this little guy. I found him on a weeping cherry tree in our yard, in northern New Jersey (mid August.) He seemed to be the only one there. When I first saw him he appeared to be stalking a small fly, so I am thinking he may be carnivorous?
Signature: Debbi

Assassin Bug Nymph

Hi Debbi,
Your suspicions are correct.  This is a predatory Assassin Bug.  In our opinion, it is a Sycamore Assassin Bug, most likely
Pselliopus cinctus based on BugGuide photos.

Thanks, Daniel!  I have been trying to find out what this is since I took the picture last week.  I tried Googling “yellow bugs” but that got me … exactly nowhere!  The tree he was on is also teaming with wasps, yellow jackets and a host of other winged critters, including hummingbirds.  Amazing to me that nature would make this little guy so colorful – you’d think that bright color would make it attractive to birds.
Thanks again – great website you’ve got here.

Location: New Jersey

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  1. drswanny says:

    Definitely a Pselliopus nymph.

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