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Drugged Bark Scorpions?
Location: Arizona
August 19, 2011 2:54 pm
We had our house bug-bombed for crickets about a month ago. Since then we’ve had 2 bark scorpions turn up that aren’t dead but don’t act like normal scorpions. I found one on the floor and another one a few weeks later on my stove as I was going to wipe up after a meal. In both cases the scorpion lay limp and looking dead until touched. When I clamped them with the tongs they put up a good fight, stinging and all. But neither tried to run or even moved at all when there was motion near them. The guy on the stove had been under a paper towel and when it was lifted he didn’t even run.
It’s my understanding that bug poison doesn’t kill scorpions but it seems like it’s doing something to them. Or am I wrong? I’ve only seen one other bark scorpion before and it ran all over the place when it was outed. I thought they were all like that. What’s your take?
Signature: Cyn

Bark Scorpion

Hi Cyn,
We are sorry, but we really don’t know much about the content of the poisons used in bug bombs, nor their effect on Scorpions.  A month seems like quite some time to pass between the bug bombing and the effects on this Bark Scorpion.

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Arizona

One Response to Bark Scorpion after bug bombing

  1. Joseph Kat says:

    glad to know that someone else has seen this before. i saw one against the wall recently in my washroom. i really took time to appreciate that it was a scorpion, since this is Kigali, how in the world would there be a scorpion, u know ! anyway, despite not having bug-bombed, this small thing only flushed movement when tapped then immobiled again.i had time to really look at while it just still against the wall.

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