Giant Bee?
Location: NC
August 17, 2011 6:13 pm
This was stuck on my screen door. It was dead when I found it. It’s huge and the stinger looks deadly! Thanks for your help in identifying this monster.
Signature: Sue in NC

Cicada Killer

Cicada Killer

Thank you so much for identifying my Cicada Killer. Your website gave me lots of  information on this marvelous creature. I would never kill one. The one that I found got stuck between some screen wire and died. The old saying “she wouldn’t hurt a fly”…definitely applies to me! I’d  open a door or window to let a fly escape before I’d harm it.
Sue in NC

Oh my goodness Sue,
We had to resurrect your letter from the trash and it made us sad that we cannot also resurrect this Cicada Killer.  Photos of dead Cicada Killers break our collective heart because we receive so many letters of Unnecessary Carnage and Cicada Killers are high on the list of frequent species-discrimination fear, rage and hate crimes.  We consider your testament to reading about the Cicada Killer, educating yourself and making an informed decision about how you would react upon encountering a Cicada Killer a worthy reason to be named to the Bug Humanitarian Award.  We could never claim that a Cicada Killer would never sting a person, and we would also concede that should a sting occur, it would most likely hurt, but we firmly believe that Cicada Killers would much rather use their gift of inducing paralysis on Cicadas than on people. 

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Location: North Carolina

4 Responses to Cicada Killer: Dead of Natural Causes in North Carolina!!!

  1. jlmanion1 says:

    If you would check any other website, you will find that the female cicada killers actually do sting, and the stings are very painful. I have captured two of them and could send pics if I knew how to do so on this website.

    p.s. I did not kill these wasps. They were floating in my pool.

    • bugman says:

      Here is a qoute from the Oklahoma State University Enyomology website: ” In spite of its formidable size and burrowing habit, this wasp is unusually docile and harmless. Although capable of inflicting a painful sting, the female cicada killer wasp is usually difficult to provoke. Mating males are aggressive and more easily disturbed, but cannot sting.”

  2. Courtney says:

    Last summer, we had about 50 or 60 cicada killers in a small area next to our garage. We had to pass that area many times a day to get to our yard and of course, I think I was stung. I can’t say for sure, but there were a couple buzzing around me and then I felt a strange feeling in the side of abdomen. It was really itchy and then got pretty red. It wasn’t nearly as bad as a yellow jacket sting, and I would probably say that a mosquito bite is even more painful than what I felt. My neighbor said that she was stung as well, but I have to preface that there were a ton of cicada killers last year and they seemed to be more aggressive than the previous years when there were fewer. The first year I saw them, I would catch one and it let me pet it like it was a dog. It seemed to like me. I wouldn’t be terribly afraid of them, especially if there aren’t a ton of them around. The real sad part is seeing them die at the end of the summer.

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