Weird insect never seen before ever!
Location: Bathurst, NB. Canada
August 15, 2011 10:18 am
Hi i’d like to know what kind of bug this is, my friend found this is her yard. The weather has been changing from hot to cold and raining. Nobody has ever seen this insect before? is it poisonous, is it safe? what family of insect is it from? and where does it come from? what does it do?
Signature: Jenna

Pigeon Horntail

Hi Jenna,
The Pigeon Horntail,
Tremex columba, is not harmful to people.  It does not sting and it is not poisonous, however, the larvae of this Wood Wasp are borers that infest dead and dying trees.  Here is a photo from our archives of a Pigeon Horntail ovipositing.  You can also find additional information on BugGuide.

Location: Canada

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