Found this laying eggs on my aluminum fence pole
Location: North shore suburbs of Chicago
August 15, 2011 8:25 am
I saw this colorful insect laying eggs on a pole in our backyard. It moved slowly and left a pod of about 10-15 tightly stuck together eggs in about 4 rows. Any idea what this insect is?
Signature: Bill Marcus

Stink Bug Lays Eggs

Hi Bill,
This is a Stink Bug and eggs laid in that manner are very typical of Stink Bugs.  This sure looks to us like
Banasa dimiata, a species BugGuide reports “from the entire United States, southern Canada and northern Mexico.”  BugGuide also indicates:  “Many different possible host plants are listed for this species, including birch (Betula spp.), bearberry (Arctostaphylos spp.) and chokeberry (Photinia spp.).”

Daniel, wow I had no idea that stink bugs were that colorful or relatively (to my preconceived vision) large. Thank you for the quick info

Location: Illinois

2 Responses to Stink Bug lays Eggs

  1. Ruth Nelson says:

    Found one in Scotland!!! Either the recent tail of a tornado brought it here, or it came in with my shopping! Wow.

  2. Patty Funk says:

    I live in alberta canada..found a stink bug I believe. Also found a black and red corpse eating bug the other day

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