Metallic Wood Boring Beetle?
Location: Pleasant Grove, UT
August 15, 2011 7:48 pm
A friend and I found this beetle early June on a dying Aspen. I’ve never seen a beetle like this before, especially since it was very eye-catching. It was metallic gold, as if covered in glitter (the photos don’t do a justice to the sheen). My best guess was that it was in the genus Chalcophora, but it doesn’t quite look like a Sculptured Pine Borer to me.
Signature: Dave

Flatheaded Poplar Borer, maybe

Hi Dave,
You are correct that this is a Metallic Wood Boring Beetle, sometimes called a Jewel Beetle because of its gemlike qualities, but we disagree with your genus identification.  Because of the bifurcated ends of the elytra or wing covers, we believe this beetle is in the genus Dicerca.

Flathead Poplar Borer, perhaps

You indicate that you found it on a dying poplar tree, which is strong evidence that it might be a Flathead Poplar Borer, Dicerca tenebrica, which according to Bugguide has the following food preferences:  “Larvae in bigtooth aspen – Populus grandidentata  Adults on other Populus spp.”

Flathead Poplar Borer, we believe


Location: Utah

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