Like our good friend Susan Lutz of Eat Sunday Dinner, we find ways to procrastinate.  Susan now procrastinates by cooking and developing new recipes, like her Procrastination Spaghetti Sauce, and though we have other commitments, we frequently defer them by turning to all the marvelous email requests that are sent to What’s That Bug?  We are supposed to be writing a letter of recommendation for Elizabeth who is applying for a Fulbright Scholar Award, and as the deadline looms upon us, all of the writing to date has been in our mind.  We turned to an old computer for some historical records involving Elizabeth, and we realized that a marvelous photo taken by Joshua Stanley and Marnia Johnston of the Tarantula Hawk on Milkweedfrom our archives was there in its high resolution form.  The photo predates both the acquisition of our new office computer and the site migration we underwent several years ago.  From the current computer and our current WTB? access, only a thumbnail version of this photo was available, and we are now thrilled to republish the image in a higher resolution form.  Just click on the photo to see an enlarged version.  You can do this with all of the photos that were posted after our site migration.

Tarantula Hawk and Milkweed Longhorn on Milkweed

The reason we are especially interested in having a larger resolution version of this photo available is that we have become very interested in the complex ecosystem surrounding milkweed, and we have recently created a Milkweed Meadow tag.  We want to propose a slide presentation and talk to the Theodore Payne Foundation on the insects associated with milkweed, with a concentration of Southern California species that depend upon Esclapias eriocarpa,  Indian Milkweed, and other native Milkweeds that can be purchased at the TPF nursery.  To bring our procrastination full circle, that is Elizabeth weeding recently in Elyria Canyon Park.

Elizabeth Weeds in the Elyria Canyon Park Milkweed Meadow


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Location: California

2 Responses to Procrastination and a Tarantula Hawk image from our archives

  1. aussietrev says:

    What a shame I can’t be there guys, that Elizabeth is one cute weeder 🙂

    • bugman says:

      Elizabeth is awesome, and we are proud to report that Daniel wrote her an awesome letter of recommendation and submitted it to the Fulbright Program.

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