What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Location:  Mt. Washington, Los Angeles, CA
August 13, 2011
As we mentioned earlier, we had certain commitments today, and we needed to stop posting early this morning.  We have completed two of our tasks, but the letter for Elizabeth is still not completed.  We did however deal with the Scale insects on the Chinese Elm Bonsai.  This is a small grove of three trees that were raised from seedlings.  About a week ago, we noticed the Argentine ants running up and down one trunk, and we suspected they might have a small colony in the pot, but closer inspection revealed a Scale infestation that was being tended by the Ants.  

Scale Insects

We were concerned that the roots might also be affected and we planned to repot the bonsai.  We started by pruning the branches, and then applied a mixture of chlorine bleach in water, about 1:20, with a tooth brush to remove the scale.  Then we trimmed the roots and replaced the trees into the pot, but with all new soil.  Hopefully, were were not too late to save this sentimental potted grove.  We still need to identify the Scale.

Scale Insects on Chinese Elm

We also need to take a photo of the completed re-potted plants.



What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: California

2 Responses to Scale on Chinese Elm Bonsai

  1. kingha says:

    hmmm Gossyparia spuria? It’s common on elm –


  2. kingha says:

    In the first picture you may observe a bigger female Coccidae, suppose to a Partenolecanium sp., it is a common pest species.

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