Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Black Form
Location: Mound Minnesota
August 13, 2011 9:36 am
Hello from Minnesota. I have two photos to share with you of a Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, black form that I hope you’ll enjoy. This is a first for me and I was so excited to see it that I chased it through very thick & prickly thistle to get some photos. These photos were taken on 8.12.2011 in the late afternoon.
I also don’t know what that little orange bug is that’s sharing the thistle with the butterfly.
Signature: Laura

Black Tiger Swallowtail

Hi Laura,
Your photos are stunning.  They were worth the pinchy thistles.  A significant percentage of female Tiger Swallowtails are black, and this color variation is not found among the males.  Some are so dark it is difficult to make out the stripes.  Some females show transitional markings that are a combination of dark and light, and we were very fortunate to receive this photo last year of a half black, half striped Tiger Swallowtail that was also a gynandromorph, an insect hermaphrodite.  The left side of the individual is a dark female and the right side is a normal male.  The orange beetle is a Goldenrod Soldier Beetle or Pennsylvania Leatherwing.

Black Tiger Swallowtail

Hello, Daniel,
Thanks for the reply. And thanks for the information/links.  That one photo, the half & half/gynandromorph is amazing. Wow, what a find.
Anyway, thanks again.  I was pretty excited about my find and I’m hoping to see her again!


Location: Minnesota

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