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little bugs in my bed and cupboard.
Location: West Virginia
August 9, 2011 1:07 pm
My wife and I found these tiny brown beetle looking bugs in our bed and cupboard. Their body is in two sections, head then body. They also bite.
Signature: willyp

Drugstore Beetles

Hi willyp,
These appear to be Drugstore Beetles to us.  Drugstore Beetles are generically and unscientifically categorized on our site with other small but unrelated insects that infest stored foods in the pantry.  According to BugGuide:  “larvae feed on prescription drugs, flours, dry mixes, breads, cookies, spices, chocolates and other sweets, plus a variety of “non-food” items (see Remarks section below)  adults do not feed … Larval non-food material includes wool, hair, leather, horn, and museum specimens. Larvae have been known to bore into books, wooden objects, and, in some cases, tin or aluminum foil and lead sheets.”  You can start by checking the pantry for food items that are infested.

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: West Virginia

23 Responses to Drugstore Beetles

  1. harriet says:

    do these beetles bit?

    • bugman says:

      We know of no instances of Drugstore Beetles biting humans.

      • Sugandha says:

        They bit me.

        • Kristen says:

          They bit me too. Bites bigger than mosquitoes and they burn not itch. These
          Are not carpet beetles or drugstore or pantry beetles. They are not in my pantry at all. Only my bed and closet. They don’t look the same as the other beetles mentioned. The fact is, they seem to be “uncategorized”. They are gone from my home now, but I have no idea where they came from.

          • Randi Lyn says:

            Yes I have them outside. They bite and I get a blister But they look like these and bite like a blister beetle. I’m so confused I have pics of the beetle and blister

          • Jamie says:

            Me too

  2. harriet says:

    need a reply to question

    • bugman says:

      impatient, aren’t you? We didn’t respond within a minute and you send a second request.

      • magster says:

        Hehe. Funny response. To balance it all out, I am only seeing this in 2015.

        P.S. What do I do with the invading hoards of these little guys if I am not to kill them? I would actually like to know. If I put them out, won’t they find their way back somehow? How do I alert the birds that it is lunchtime?

  3. I would like to know how or what to use on drug store beetles to get rid of them? They get on our beds and yes they do bite. Thank you

    • JADORE says:

      Yes they do bite they are in my bed as well and i wake up to them next to me one on my pillow and I noticed a bite Mark on my cheek that feels like a knot. One on my arm and inner thigh. Haven’t slept in my bed because the bites are a pain in the was. No signs of bed bugs. Where do they come from, where are they hiding their flying around my room. I can’t sleeppp please someone help me. I just cut my finger moving my fan because i noticed one crawling on the bed. I’m going to go insane if i dont get helppppppp

      • Neco Smith says:

        I feel your pain. I’m experiencing the same.

      • Arisana Tolomei says:

        I’m just now reading these posts. I have had drugstore beetles for months and didn’t know what they were until recently. They DO bite! I went to the doctor 3 times, thinking I had bed bugs or lice. Nope.
        Once I calledc for pest contorol to come out, they recognized them as drugstore beetles right away. I’ve been cleaning every inch of my place all week (6 straight days now) and still have a few rooms to go.
        I’m putting down Diatomaceous Earth (DE Earth) powder and so far, it is helping in the rooms that are clean.
        But, yes they do indeed bite! I did some research and discovered the wasp parasite is attached to this beetle, which stings/bites. I think the ongoing itching is after the bite. I’m soaking in baking soda baths, which are helping to relieve it a bit.

      • ken says:

        me too 🙁

  4. Sarah says:

    Has anyone had a solution? I’m dealing with the same. We had flower arrangements sent to us and had them in the bedroom for about two weeks. Last night I saw the things on the bed. Found about 10 of them and yes I believe I was bitten as well. I had exterminator come out and spray but he didn’t tell me what to do to keep them off the bed. I believe they were from the flowers.

    • magster says:

      I have had Pantry Moths which may be different from the beetle, but I have had good luck with some traps that use pheromone and sticky surfaces to get rid of the moths.

  5. Annie says:

    I just found these little biting bastards all over my kitchen . I found an old box of pancake mix which was open and full of them. However my cabinets were wet due to an overflow of water from upstairs and I’m thinking they may like the wet wood too! Going to try vinegar , 2/1 solution to clean them all but they do bite and hard , like a red ant !!!

    • Arisana Tolomei says:

      That’s a great idea, using the vinegar/water solution. I’ve been cleaning all week and then putting down Diatemacous Earth (DE Earth) powder, to line the cabinets. In the areas I put it down, I don’t see any new bugs. In areas I haven’t, such as my stove, I seem tiny ones reappear.

  6. anonymous says:

    If these are the same sort of beetles I’ve encountered (they look very similar, but can’t confirm 100%), I can confirm that they do bite. I’ve had multiple encounters where I’m sleeping and I wake up to one of these tiny 1mm beetles bite me. At first I thought they were newborn Larder Beetles or something, but they don’t have the markings of it, plus I think they’re simply too tiny.

    The good news is that while the bites can be a bit startling (particularly if you have a flea or bedbug issue) they don’t actually seem to leave any marks or sores or such (which makes sense since they’re tiny, don’t have venom, and don’t “suck” blood or anything like that).

  7. Cat says:

    These are the most dangerous thing living in your home. Found in dog food,if invested by dog can make them lethargic and ill. They can get into ANYTHING! They chewed through my very thick tupperware. They normally lay eggs in food items so that after they hatch, food is available. I had put brand new Nylabones in the tupperware for Xmas. Later the following month, I noticed bugs all over my shelves as well as the tupperware was filled with them. I picked up the container to find little holes bored all the way through. I also found out they got into the Xmas pressies I had already wrapped. BUT I didn’t find out in time and the pressies were already given. I was MORTIFIED I had given my sisters house those pests. Also they love cardboard and wicker. They bite, invest and destroy! Almost impossible to kill. I diskette bones in boiling water, then bleach…They were still ALIVE! Forget roaches these bugs would probably survive radiation! DO NOT SQUISH AND LEAVE you may only be squishing the female and leaves the eggs behind which are only as big as the smallest for you can see!

  8. Kristen says:

    I too have some crazy tiny beetles in my bed and closet. They bite and burn, not itch. They don’t look exactly like drugstore beetles because they legs don’t protrude and there are no long antenna. They remind me of tiny June bugs but blacker and legs are hidden. I don’t know where to upload pictures, but I’d really appreciate an id!! Thank you so much.

  9. Jenny says:

    I just came here to say drugstore beetles do bite humans. I’ve been trying to figure out what I’ve been dealing with for weeks since articles say they don’t bite. Like a previous comment have said, their bites are hard like a red ant. They somehow land in my bed and give me sharp bites, I suspect it’s because the AC and fan I have are blowing towards my bed.

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