Unidentified bug
Location: Virginia
August 10, 2011 8:27 am
Saw this insect on a flower, haven’t been able to identify it.
Signature: Matt

Chalcid Wasp

Hi Matt,
We were uncertain if this was even a wasp or a fly, so we immediately contacted Eric Eaton for assistance.  Eric quickly wrote back.

Eric Eaton provided identification
It is a wasp, one of the chalcids.  Genus is probably Conura:
Great shot of what is a small wasp!

Chalcid Wasps generally parasitize caterpillars.  Eric Eaton has requested permission to post this image to his blog, and we would be greatly appreciative if you would allow Eric to disseminate this image and his information to his readership.  Eric has a long standing relationship with What’s That Bug? and we frequently consult him on difficult identifications.  A strong network of insect enthusiasts ensures that identifications will be easier for the web browsing public.

Location: Virginia

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