Tiger fly photo
Location: Auburn, NJ
August 9, 2011 9:16 am
Hi Bugman, Not needing an ID, but I don’t see a way to send photos otherwise. Just saw the posting you made on tiger fly, and so sending a photo I took last month. It was hanging off the back porch. You noted in a related post, their larvae are parasitic to carpenter bees. Which makes perfect sense, since we have lots of those here, though I try to keep them from eating the porch rocker. Just spray a little repellent on the bottom side of wooden furniture, and it seems to deter them, at least awhile…but doesn’t kill anything.
I’ve learned a lot watching your posts. Thanks again.
Signature: Creek Keeper

Tiger Bee Fly

Dear Creek Keeper,
It was incredibly thoughtful for you to send in this lovely image of a living Tiger Bee Fly.  It is much nicer than the dead image we just posted or the other blurry image we found in the email pile.  We know we also received at least two images of mating Tiger Bee Flies this summer and we can only presume that the image quality was not good enough to warrant posting.  We received so many Tiger Bee Fly identification requests this summer, so it is nice to have a good example for our readers to refer to.

Location: New Jersey

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