bug found in az resort in sedona
Location: sedona az
August 8, 2011 11:32 pm
Would like you to let me know what this bug is. Found about 6 of them in our resort room in sedona az this past weekend.
Signature: ? not sure what you mean

Solifugid Carnage

Dear not sure …,
We frequently get negative feedback when we plead for tolerance against the unnecessary carnage of stinging insects like Cicada Killers and Great Golden Digger Wasps, which theoretically might sting a person.  The justification we seem to always hear is that a person might die from an allergic reaction to a sting.  We are uncertain when so many people became deathly allergic to stings and we are beginning to believe that half of the [educated?] world is suffering from hysterical and imagined allergies.  When it comes to Solifugids, commonly called Sun Spiders or Wind Scorpions, there is no justification for the carnage.  It truly is unnecessary since Solifugids do not have any venom and they do not sting.  We suppose they might bite a person, but that would merely be a skin pinch that is unlikely to even draw blood.  The same harmlessness does not apply towards other arthropods with regards to the Solifugids.  They are vicious hunters and they will easily dispatch most insects and spiders that cross their paths.  They are fast and their jaws are quite formidably adapted to hunting.  According to Charles Hogue in his excellent book, Insects of the Los Angeles Basin:  “All of our species are nocturnal, wandering by night in search of the small invertebrate animals that are their prey.  They are extremely voracious carnivores and crush and tear captive organisms to shreds with their huge jaws.”  While we understand that prior to our response, you knew nothing of the potential danger that Solifugids might present, we hope that in the future you will let them wander about the resort so that they can feed on cockroaches and other night time foragers that may also be sharing your room.

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Location: Arizona

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  1. missglass says:

    found this right after i sent in a picture of it. awesome. don’t worry, i let the fast, little guy romp around on my hand until i got a good picture then let it free.

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