Cockroach Eating Cicada
Location: Central Kentucky
August 4, 2011 9:56 pm
I thought you would enjoy this picture I took one night of a cockroach munching on a cicada while the cicada was molting. Cockroaches are certainly opportunistic.
Signature: Amelia

Wood Cockroach eats molting Cicada

Hi Amelia,
Thank you so much for sending this amazing documentation.  We don’t normally think of Cockroaches as being predators, but this lends credence to the popular concept that they can and will eat most anything.  It appears that the Cockroach might be a Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach based on the markings around the pronotum.  Check BugGuide for a comparison.

Eric Eaton provides and alternate theory
Yep, a male Parcoblatta pennsylvanica.  I’m thinking the cicada is already dead (got stuck while molting) or it is just the exuviae itself.  Roaches are rarely, if ever, predators.

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Location: Kentucky

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