Wasp burying a worm
Location: Grants Pass, OR
August 4, 2011 12:57 pm
I took a series of pictures of a wasp digging a hole, burying a worm it dragged into teh hole and then covering the hole up. I know that the worm will be food for the larvae of this wasp, but I had never seen the process.
Are you at all interested in this series of photos? If so, I’d be happy to send them to you. I have included one as a sample.
Signature: Lucy

Thread-Waisted Wasp paralyzes Caterpillar

Hi Lucy,
This is a Thread-Waisted Wasp in the genus
Ammophila (see BugGuide), and it is carrying back a Caterpillar for its brood, not a worm.  If you want to attach a few more choice images, we can add to this posting.

Thread-Waisted Wasp seals nest

Of course, you’re right – it’s a caterpillar. I’m going to buy your book so I won’t be so casual about worm v. caterpillar!
I hope someone finds these pictures to be interesting. It’s so amazing what’s going on at our feet and all around if we’ll just stop a minute and take a look. Thank you for your site. I appreciate the work you do!

Thread-Waisted Wasp inspects nest

Hi again Lucy,
Thank you so much for supplying additional images.  We believe your Thread-Waisted Wasp looks like this unidentified species in the genus
Ammophila that is posted to BugGuide.  It is from Oregon, but insects don’t really recognize borders identified by humans.

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Location: Oregon

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