Cornucopia of 6-legged spiders
Location: Toledo, OH
August 2, 2011 10:23 am
Whilst at my favorite park yesterday, I found two of these guys (which I am pretty sure are the same species, but please correct me if I am wrong.) Both of them seem to have endured some trauma and are lacking two legs. A friend affectionately, albeit a little politically incorrectly, referred to them as ’spiders from ’nam.’ I’m not sure what poor trauma befell these beauties, but I can assure you that based on the isolation of the environment I was in, it had nothing to due with human interference. Birds or frogs, perhaps?
Signature: Katy

Nursery Web Spider

Hi Katy,
Both of your spiders are Nursery Web Spiders,
Pisaurina mira, but while one appears to have lost two legs on the same side, the alleged symmetrical amputee does have eight legs.  Look closely at the front leg on each side and you will see that they are actually two legs held together.  Compare your photo to this image on BugGuidewhich makes the illusion created by this particular posture more apparent.

Nursery Web Spider amputee


Location: Ohio

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