What’s this wasp? Velvet Ant maybe?
Location: Parque Nacional Cahuita, Caribbean Coast, Costa Rica, Central America
August 2, 2011 4:01 pm
The wasp(?) was found on the South Caribbean coast in Costa Rica (near Parque Nacional Cahuita). Estimated size is around 2 inches.
Beyond that, all I know is what it’s in the picture.
Wings: Black
Abdomen: Orange with black patches
Surface: Furry!
At first glance, I was assuming it was some sort of parasitic wasp, perhaps a spider-killer. But the only spider-killing wasps I’ve seen have orange antennae and black bodies.
It’s also got a proboscis like a moth or butterfly.
I’m only assuming it’s a wasp based on wings and general body shape.
I’ve tried coming the web for pictures of anything like it, but I’ve come up almost empty. The closest match I can find is a male Velvet Ant.
Any thoughts? Thanks!
Signature: Cheers, Alex H

Digger Wasp

Hi Alex,
This is one of the Digger Wasps in the family Scoliidae.  Though we don’t know the exact species, it looks quite similar to this image of
Campsomeris tolteca from BugGuide.  Digger Wasps parasitize the grubs of large Scarab Beetles.

Location: Costa Rica

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