Large moth
Location: Hazyview, Mpumalanga, South Africa
July 25, 2011 10:21 am
Found this moth sitting next to the pool in Hazyview (outside Kruger National Park) in South Africa. Hope you guys can help identifying it.
Kind regards, Jan
Signature: Jan

Pseudobunaea irius

Hi Jan,
We believe we have identified your Giant Silkmoth at
Pseudobunaea irius, but we are going to check with Bill Oehlke for verification.  Bill may request the use of your photo on his own website as well.  Here is a photo from Kirby Wolfe’s website that shows the underwings that are not visible in your image.  Your individual is a male, so the points at the apex of the forewings are more hooked.  We posted a similar photo in 2008.

Bill Oehlke confirms identification
It is Pseudobunaea irius
Bill Oehlke

Location: Africa

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  1. jwsmienk says:

    Hello Bugman,

    Thank you for your swift reply. I gave Bill permission to post my picture on his website. You guys have a great website, keep it up.


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