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mall green cicada
Location: Northeastern Louisiana
July 23, 2011 5:27 pm
Dear Bugman,
I uploaded this information to your site in June, but never got a response, so something must have gone wrong with the upload. I found this cicada in my pool skimmer, it was already dead. It was a lime green color and much smaller than the regular annual cicada. It didn’t look like a periodical and didn’t have red eyes. The first image is the day I found it, when it was still brilliant. The second image was a day later and he had faded in color. I found the common the other cicada and used him as a comparison for size. Hope you can shed some light.
Signature: BugBunny

Cotton Green Cicada

Dear BugBunny,
Each year, beginning in May, the amount of mail we receive each day increases to the point that we are not physically capable, with our current staff, of answering even a fraction of the identification requests we receive.  We try to post at least five new submissions each day, and we answer considerably more requests that do not get posted to the site.  Generally those get just a name and they are emailed directly to the querant.  Additionally, this past June, we were on holiday for a week, and during that time, no mail was answered.  Our backlog of unanswered requests is truly vast, and we hope you do not take it personally that we never responded to your original request.  This identification proved a bit of a challenge for us, but we believe we have the correct answer for you.  With North American insects, we often begin trying to identify an unknown species on BugGuide, and we were unable to find any matching images there, however, we did find a Cicada with an intriguing name that was not pictured on BugGuide.  The name
Okanagana viridis caught our eye because the species name refers to “green” and we learned that the common name is the Cotton Green Cicada.  BugGuide lists the range as:  “western Mississippi, n. Louisiana, s. Oklahoma, parts o Arkansas and ne. Texas” and the habitat as:  “Forested areas along watersheds and edge forests to the Black belt Prairie remnants.”  It flies in June and July and BugGuide also has this comment:  “Not Common.”  We then did a web search for that name and we discovered the website Cicadas of the United States and Canada East of the 100th Meridian and scrolling down the page provided this image which looks like a match to your Cicada.  The site includes the song of the Cotton Green Cicada and also provides this information:  “A bright green, glossy cicada.  Song is a continuous, thin buzz lasting around 30 seconds.  Calls from very high in deciduous trees.  Found in rare lowland forest patches of south-central states.

Cotton Green Cicada (right) compared to Tibicen species

Thank you so much for the information.  Yes I do believe this is it.  I didn’t find anything about the size of the cotton green cicada on the BugGuide site.  The one I found was much smaller than the common cicada.  I have lived here for 60 years and I have never seen one of these cicadas.  I am always looking for unusual bugs to share with my family and with all my exploring, this is the first one of these I have found.  Thanks again.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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