black butterfly
Location: Eau Claire, Wis.
July 24, 2011 5:03 pm
I had quite a few minutes in my garden today, July 24, 2011, with this beauty. It was very large as far as butterflies go in West Central Wis. perhaps four or five inches. While it was very interested in my garden it also seemed interested in me and for a while, as I hoped and waited, it seemed it would land on me, circling around. Flitting from plant to plant, it never stayed long on one. Although it has a ragged wing it seemed to be doing fine. Lovely blue spots one the top of wings with one orange spot each in the center on the inner edge. The undersides, however, have yellow spots. When it landed it liked to have its wings outstretched. I hope it visits again.
Signature: gail from Wisconsin

Black Swallowtail

Hi Gail,
There are several large dark swallowtail butterflies in your area, and this individual is a female Black Swallowtail,
Papilio polyxenes.  The male does not hae the blue markings on the hind wings which you can see in this photo from our archives.

Location: Wisconsin

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