Cicada Killer?
Location: Westtown Township, PA
July 23, 2011 8:46 am
We have had some excavation work in our back yard and we have seen a lot (6-10) of these lately. Based on your excellent site, we believe these are Cicada killers. Do you agree? We are nervous, but won’t engage in UC. If not a CK, please use your powers. Thanks.
Signature: Chris

Cicada Killer

Hi Chris,
This is most certainly a Cicada Killer.  We are pleased to learn you do not plan to exterminate them.  Though Cicada Killers are solitary wasps, if conditions for nesting are correct, colonies may form in a small area, and this seems to cause a segment of our readership some concern.  We keep stressing that we have not ever received a report of a person being stung by a Cicada Killer, though we acknowledge that the possibility does exist.  Learning to respect other creatures, which often just amounts to ignoring them, should prove that you can live in harmony with your small colony of Cicada Killers.

Location: Pennsylvania

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