Unidentified Insect
Location: New Iberia, la 70560
July 17, 2011 4:02 pm
I am usually good at this but this one has me. Can you help identify this one?
Signature: To Parker & Breckin

Four Spotted Owlfly

Dear Parker & Breckin,
This is a Four Spotted Owlfly,
Ululodes quadripunctatus, and you can verify that identification on BugGuide.  Owlflies are in the insect order Neuroptera, and they are related to Antlions and Lacewings.  They are an unusual group of insects that can be difficult to classify.

thanks a bunch, I will pass on to my Grandsons…
they are 7-1/2 and 4 and are bug lovers.

Location: Louisiana

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