Restroom violayor
Location: North fort worth, texas
July 19, 2011 10:42 am
I have a policy of ignore and be ignored with bugs in my home. There’s just an unwritten rule of personal space, however, in the restroom that space it’s expanded exponentially to a no fly zone of assured death. Not once, not twice, but thrice times I swatted this one away with non lethal intent. At first I thought it was a spider the way it crawled out from under the scale. Then I noticed it’s cricket like hind legs and it flew, directly at me, multiple times. Also it appeara to have an antlike abdomen. Hopefully this specimen will serve as an example to others in the future. PS: He seems to have found a hair to cling to in death… How quaint.
Signature: Relatively benign bug overlord

Ensign Wasp Carnage

Dear Relatively benign bug overlord,
While we understand your desire for personal space in the bathroom, we hope your “no fly zone” policy can be moderated once you learn what you have killed.  This is a harmless Ensign Wasp that is actually a beneficial parasite.  Ensign Wasps parasitize the ootheca or egg cases of Cockroaches.  The larval wasp feeds on the developing eggs and then pupates in the empty ootheca, ensuring that the future generation of Cockroaches in your home will be reduced.  This also helps the environment by reducing the need to spray toxic chemical pesticides around the home.

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Location: Texas

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