Weird bugs in Afghanistan
Location: Afghanistan
July 16, 2011 10:19 am
While in some of the greener parts of Afghanistan where the camel spiders, scorpions, and giant ants are present everywhere these almost out of place insects fly around with no since of direction. I am curious to know what it is and what it is closely related to. Thnx
Signature: Avery Williams


Hi Avery,
Your insect is a Spoonwing in the family Nemopteridae, and another common name is Thread-Wing Antlion.  Spoonwings are classified in the insect order Neuroptera which also includes Lacewings, Antlions and Owlflies.

Mr.  Marlos,
I truly appreciate you replying to my inquiry I looked forwarded to information on the insect I seen.  You all do a wonderful job thank you.
Avery Williams

Location: Afghanistan

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