Brown bug with white spots
Location: Marmaris, Turkey (south-west)
July 17, 2011 3:51 am
Hello Bugman,
She has long antennas with wing covers. Hard body, brown with white spots on her. She weeeeks when touched. Otherwise she is quite quiet.
Size: as big as a small finger
Thank you so much,
Signature: don’t mind.

June Beetle: Polyphylla fullo

Dear don’t mind,
Your June Beetle is
Polyphylla fullo, and she is a he based on the antennae.  The male has much grander antennae which he uses to locate the female.  You can see a similar photo on BioLib.

June Beetle

Location: Turkey

2 Responses to June Beetle from Turkey

  1. Dave says:

    Given that Holt, way back in 1885, wrote about the edibility of cockchafers, which are quite similar to this specimen, I’d definitely consider this an amusing appetizer were I in the right mood.
    Scarabidae can be eaten in all the phases of their life-cycle.


    • bugman says:

      This posting has now been tagged as an edible insect. Do the Ten Lined June Beetles taste like pine?

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