Location: Northeastern Brazil
July 18, 2011 5:31 pm
I lived in Northeastern Brazil for 2 years in the states of Bahia and Pernambuco. I never saw this bug but I have been burned by it twice in the middle of the night. The Brazilians call it ”potó” but I was wondering what the English name is. It crawls on you and leaves an acid trail where it crawled (The Brazilians say it pees on you, not sure if it is actually urinating. I would like some clearing up on that too) that burns you and has a couple stages. the first stage is that it turns red and swells a bit. the second stage is that it ends up looking like a line of white-head zits, and the third stage is that you get a big scab in the shape of a line where the trail is. There’s all of the information that I have on it. I googled it and got these pictures, but I have also heard from the brazilians that it is a spider. Thanks!
Signature: Jay21310

Paederas Rove Beetle

Hi Jay21310,
This is a Rove Beetle in the genus
Paederas, and they are found in many parts of the world.  In Cameroon they are known as the Creechie Bug, and the fluid they secrete can cause a serious case of contact dermatitis.  Here is a link to the first image of a Creechie Bug we received in 2008.  We like the Brazilian name Potó.

Potó or Paederas Rove Beetle

Location: Brazil

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