What is it?
Location: Northern NJ
July 17, 2011 10:02 pm
Saw about 25 of these on the farm over the last 2-3 days
Signature: Curious in NJ

Cicada Killer

Dear Curious,
WE are relieved to have finally received a new photo of a living Cicada Killer, a species of Sand Wasp.  Because of their large size, many people are terrified of Cicada Killers and they frequently become Unnecessary Carnage.  Cicada Killers might sting if provoked, however, they are not an aggressive species.  Females dig a nest in sandy soil and provision it with paralyzed Cicadas that will feed her brood after she dies.

Thanks very much for the reply.  Unfortunately we have a small child that plays in the area where we have recently noticed these Wasps and are concerned for her health.  Is there anything we can do to chase them away or can we somehow locate the nest and exterminate if necessary?

That is sad, and we apologize as we do not give extermination advice.

Location: New Jersey

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