Japanese Beetles
Location: London Ontario
July 12, 2011 2:59 pm
Hello I am seeing these all over the place in Southwestern Ontario, grape vines, crab apple trees, flower beds.
This is the first time I have noticed these beetles and they are in abundance!
Signature: Jeff Kleber

Mating Japanese Beetles

Hi Jeff,
Your photo of mating Japanese Beetles is positively gorgeous, and it is unfortunate this lovely looking beetle is such a major pest of cultivated plants.  They will feed on well over 100 different ornamental plants cultivated in gardens, and they are especially fond of roses.  When the beetles are present, they will gather on a single plant, and when it is defoliated, they will just move to something else.  Since we will be out of the office for several days, we are post dating this submission to go live on Sunday.

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Location: Canada

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