What kind of bug made this?
Location:  Cleveland Ohio
July 12, 2011.  6:00 PM
Hi bugman we live in the Cleveland area in Ohio and we found this cocoon and we do not know what kind of bug is in it. I took it apart and found it had 4 sections to it. This thing is amazing it is made of rolled up leaves.incredible.

Nest of a Leafcutter Bee

Hi Norman,
This is the nest of a Leafcutter Bee in the genus
Megachile.  According to the It’s Nature website: “The female constructs a nests in tree cavities and various gaps, sometimes even on the ground. These nests have a complex structure of many tunnels and compartments for the larvae. Leaf-cutter bees have incredible construction skills – they skillfully choose the best leaf “material” for their nests and glue it with their saliva, resulting in a sturdy being built. The favourite material for these bees is rose leaves and flowers.”   We are post dating your letter to go live on Friday while we are out of the office.

Location: Ohio

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