Massive Black Winged Thing
Location: South West Michigan
July 13, 2011 9:53 pm
This afternoon (July 13th) I was sitting outside around 4 pm when this really big insect landed on the mint in my garden. I thought it looked wasp-like on top, but the bottom looks more dragonfly-ish. It flew off after a bit and when it came towards me I ran. In my defence; it was over an inch long and looks rather badass.
I’ve asked several people but nobody knows! Any ideas? Thank you!
Signature: Erica

Mydas Fly

Hi Erica,
The Mydas Fly,
Mydas clavatus, is actually a true Fly, though it does mimic certain wasps as a defense mechanism.  It does not bite or sting, and despite its large size and fierce appearance, it is perfectly harmless.

Location: Michigan

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