What’s this beautiful metallic beetle?
Location: Hockessin, DE (northern DE near PA)
July 13, 2011 7:39 pm
I rescued this jewel-tone bug from a spider web at the mouth of our garage today. I hope it’s not the insect boring holes in the dogwood, but it was too pretty to leave there. I moved it to the lid of our garbage can to photograph it before it flew to the downspout, then away. It’s the middle of July, hot and sticky weather, but this is the first bug of this kind I’ve seen in a year, a welcome change from the onslaught of brown marmorated stinkbugs which infest the area. We are very near the mushroom farms of Kennett Square, PA, if that’s relevant.
Signature: ShutterBug

Dogbane Beetle

Dear ShutterBug,
The metallic coloration of the Dogbane Beetle,
Chrysochus auratus, is quite spectacular and photogenic.  The species is found west (correction EAST) of the Rocky Mountains.

Thank you very much for the information!  I appreciate it (and can now label my photographs appropriately!)  Wonder what it’s doing in Delaware, though?  (Just rhetorical – I don’t expect an answer!)  Thanks again!

Oops, we meant East of the Rocky Mountains.

Location: Delaware

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