Serious question about (possible) cicada killers.
Location: Massachusetts
July 11, 2011 7:38 am
So, I have a serious question. I live in Massachusetts, the southern part. In our lot, we have a civilization of these guys.. I am guessing. They seem to fit the description, with the dirt mounds and such. What’s odd, is that they are sharing their holes with ants!
Anyway, my fiance’s mother noticed them, and plans to eradicate them. The only reason why, is because she has a relative that is deathly allergic to ANY bee sting. Would the sting of a female provoke his reactions? I know you guys probably don’t give out info like this, but I am curious :/. I enjoy watching them, and I don’t want them dead. But now as I tried to get pictures of their homes, most seem covered up, huh!
Signature: Terra

Cicada Killer Nest

Dear Terra,
Not only does your photo appear to document the nest of a Cicada Killer, it also appears that the exuvia visible in the upper left corner is that of a Cicada.  It is highly advantageous for the Cicada Killers to construct nests near a source of food for the young.  We cannot imagine Cicada Killers sharing a nest with ants.  Perhaps the ants have plundered the nest to eat the Cicadas that are stocking the pantry.  Once a female Cicada Killer has completed provisioning her nest, she will seal it.  We cannot offer any medical advice regarding allergic reactions to stings.

Location: Massachusetts

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  1. Jessi says:

    I can offer a little medical advice that might help. I have all kinds of weird and random allergies, so I made an appointment with an allergist, who did some tests on my skin to determine what I’m allergic to. He discovered that I’m allergic to Honeybees. After that, he tested me for pretty much everything with a stinger that was Bee-like, and although I’m not allergic to Cicada Killers, I was tested for that too. You should suggest this to your fiance’s mother’s relative, and they will probably be able to determine if he’s allergic to Cicada Killers.

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