What’s this bug?
Location: Northwestern Ohio
July 11, 2011 12:06 am
Dear Bugman,
I found this bug in the late afternoon as it walked on the leaves of a large flowering bush. It’s about 5/8” long from the front of it’s head to the end of its abdomen and has a light blue/gray short-cropped fuzz covering most of it’s body.
If you have any questions you are welcome to ask me!
I took the included images myself an you have my permission to use and/or edit them and this note as you see fit.
I thank you in advance for satisfying my curiosity about this friendly little guy.
Signature: Curtis in Ohio

I write you earlier… I just figured it out!
Location: Northwestern Ohio
July 11, 2011 1:00 am
Dear Bugman,
Upon further exploration of your amazing website, I Believe that I have correctly identified the bug in question as a wheel bug nymph. They don’t look much like their grown-up selves, do they? I’ve been able to identify mature wheel bugs since I was a kid. Thanks for teaching me something today! Keep up the good work!
Although you now needn’t publish my inquiry on your forum, you’re still welcome to use the images I’ve included if you like.
Signature: Curtis in Ohio

Wheel Bug Nymph

Hi Curtis,
This is an immature Wheel Bug, one of the predatory Assassin Bugs.  You might want to exercise caution with your finger.  You do not want the Wheel Bug to mistake your finger for a fat caterpillar.  Wheel Bugs have a beak-like mouth that is used for piercing prey and sucking out fluids.  Wheel Bugs are not aggressive, but they can and will bite if accidentally encountered, or carelessly handled.

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