Trinidad Moths
Location: Trinidad
July 10, 2011 1:35 pm
Dear Bugman,
I found your homepage by chance when I tried to identify 3 very large moths we saw two weeks ago in Trinidad.
No1 is probably a white witch (picture taken at Asa Nature Lodge); No2 should be a Rothschildia taken at the ladies restroom in the visitor Centre of the Caroni swamps. No3 is a large silkmoth (at least 10cm wingspan)we had at the Radio and Tropospheric Scatter Station at Morne Bleu (670m high in the northern range). It would be nice, if you could help me with identification and/or confirmation of the three species.
Signature: Harald (Heidelberg, Germany)

White Plagued Sphinx Moth

Hi again Harald,
Your third moth from Trinidad is a Sphinx Moth in the family Sphingidae, not a Giant Silkmoth.  Alas we could not locate it on the Sphingidae of the Americas Trinidad page.  We decided to try the Venezuelan page of Sphingidae of the Americas and we quickly found the White Plagued Sphinx,
Manduca albiplaga, a perfect match and it includes the shocking statement:  “This species has been found only once in the United States, in Kansas.”  We are going to contact Bill Oehlke and we expect he may request permission to post your photo on his excellent website as well.  He may even want your photo of Rothschildia lebeau amacurensis.

Hi Daniel,
Thank you very much for the great job! It will be a pleasure for us to give permission to post the pictures I sent you. I tried to downsize the files so if you would like to receive one of the files in a better resolution, please let me know. I will attach another picture of a second animal of the White Plagues Sphinx we took at the same location to this email. Since I did not want to flood your request form I did not include it in the request. Nevertheless, since you think the pictures might be of interest for people working in this field I am happy to share it with you.
Best regards and greetings from Heidelberg,

White Plagued Sphinx Moth

Hi again Harald,
We are very happy to include the new photo of the White Plagued Sphinx in the original posting.

Location: Trinidad

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