big beetle
Location: Fenton, MO (St Louis)
July 9, 2011 9:22 am
Found this wonderful beetle in my garden the other day. He was very docile and easy to handle. I took a picture with a ruler to show his size. He was very photogenic and posed nicely. Any idea what species my new garden gardian is?
Signature: Thad James

Male Eastern Hercules Beetle

Hi Thad,
This magnificent beetle is a male Eastern Hercules Beetle,
Dynastes tityus.  The grubs develop in rotting tree stumps, so if you want to encourage them in your garden in the future, you can leave the stumps of trees in place.  The grubs are important in forested areas as they help break down the wood into humus.  Thanks for sending us your wonderful photo.

Location: Missouri

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