Cincinnati Bug
Location: Cincinnati OH
July 8, 2011 8:16 am
I found this little guy and thought he was very interesting. Please identify the species..thanks!
Signature: Gretchen

Six Banded Longhorn

Hi Gretchen,
We are thrilled to post your photo of a Six Banded Longhorn,
Dryobius sexnotatus, a species that BugGuide lists as:  “Species of Concern – USFWS Uncommon (3) and listed as rare and threatened on several state websites.  Species is ‘widely scattered and populations are sparse’ (1)  Rare (4)   Dury (1902) noted that Dryobius sexnotatus was once abundant but was even then becoming rare. Perry et al. (1974) noted a sharp decline in the collection of the species since 1942.”

Location: Ohio

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