Beautiful moth with intricate pattern.
Location: Oakland, CA
July 7, 2011 11:12 pm
I fount this beauty on my bathroom wall. I’m really not so good with moths, so I thought I’d get a second opinion on this one. I’m pretty sure it’s a Double-banded Carpet Moth. It would make sense, since a few of my neighbors stockpiled a LOT of firewood, and I know Double-banded Carpet Moths eat firewood. I did a search on your site for Carpet Moths, so I’m sure if you have any pictures of them. I figured that even if I got the identification right, you might like having these anyway.
Signature: Jessi

Double Banded Carpet

Hi Jessi,
Had you not taken the time to self identify what we agree is most likely a Double Banded Carpet, which we verified on BugGuide, we would probably have used the more general family name of Geometrid Moth.  Many moths, 1000s to be sure, have drab coloration and intricate patterns and it is sometimes extremely difficult for our staff to correctly identify them.  We should also correct you.  The Double Banded Carpet moth larva, one of the Measuringworms or Inchworms, feeds on fireweed, not firewood.  This is a new species for our site, though there may be an unidentified Geometrid somewhere in our archives that represents this species.  We are guessing you might be the same Jessi that has recently posted quite a few comments on other postings.  Thanks for taking the time to contribute to our site.

I am the same Jessi. Your site is the best ever! Thanks so much for having it. Please feel free to correct me any time, because I’m here to learn.  🙂

Location: California

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  1. Jessi says:

    Oops, I just noticed my typos and missing words. I certainly wouldn’t have minded just the family, since I now know from experience how painstakingly tedious it is to match up wing patterns!

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