Unintended Carnage

Carrion Beetles trapped in Cat Food Can

Unintended Carnage
Location: San Luis Obispo County, CA
July 8, 2011 1:33 am
Dear Bugman,
I have enjoyed your site and for many years. I am a wildlife biologist in San Luis Obispo County, California. For the last 2 years I have been using camera traps to take images of various carnivores that inhabit state lands. Pierced catfood cans are sometimes used to entice critters to come to the cameras. When I recently checked a camera, I found that a couple of beetles committed suicide trying to get at the rotting catfood inside. I think they are black carrion beetles (Nicrophorus nigrita). Sorry for the poor pictures. They were long dead and it was hard to get the dried catfood off of them. I guess the holes I made in the can were just slightly too small… I will make the holes bigger next time.
Signature: Craig Fiehler

Carrion Beetles trapped in Cat Food Can

Dear Craig,
At your suggestion, we will tag this as Unnecessary Carnage, though since this accident occurred in the interest of science, we consider it unfortunate, but excusable.  Your photos are positively surreal.  Thanks for your submission.  We are intrigued with your wildlife camera set up.

Carrion Beetle Corpse

Dear Daniel,
We have been camera trapping the Chimineas Ranch in San Luis Obispo county for almost 2 years now.  Much of our exploits have been described on Dr. Chris Wemmer’s blog, Camera Trap Codger.
I hope you enjoy some of the wildlife shots.
I also want to say “thank you!” for your tireless efforts to educate the public about arthropods.  I have been enlightened by your website and your book was a joy to read.  I have been trying to educate myself about insects and arachnids that inhabit the areas where I work.   Needless to say, I have much to learn.  But I can honestly say, I learn something new from you site every week.  Keep up the great work!
Best wishes,
Craig Fiehler

Thanks for the update Craig.  We are linking to Dr. Chris Wemmer’s blog and we are thrilled you enjoyed reading The Curious World of Bugs.

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Location: California

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