Black and white bee
Location: Portugal
July 6, 2011 4:26 pm
I was photographing bumble bees in my garden some days ago when I found this striking black and white bee. I’ve been trying to identify it since then, but I can’t seem to reach any conclusion. Any idea of what it might be?
Thanks in advance!
Signature: Dania

Unknown Bee

Hi Dania,
We don’t know what this Bee is, and we would need to do some research to get an identification.  Sometimes that happens quickly, and other times it is more laborious, and occasionally, we never find an identification.  Your photos are so lovely we are perfectly content to just post them as unidentified.  We may eventually be able to provide you with an answer, and possibly one of our readers will be able to contribute some information.

Unknown Bee

Update:  Possible identification
Helen provided us with a comment and a link to a very similar looking Thyreus orbatus.  Here is a BioLib image that also matches.

Location: Portugal

2 Responses to Unidentified Bee from Portugal

  1. helen_cv5 says:

    These pictures are so beautiful they inspired a bit of (very) amateur detective work. Is it possible that this bee is genus Thyreus, possibly Thyreus Orbatus? It looks a lot like the bee here:
    This discussion: seems to indicate that distinguishing these bee species is rather difficult but supports the notion that they could be found in Portugal…?

    p.s. apologies if this sounds incredibly amateurish.

    • bugman says:

      Thanks very much Helen. We don’t think your research sounds amateurish at all. The image of Thyreus orbatus looks very similar to the photos submitted by Dania.

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