Unusual green insect
Location: Smith River, Calif.
July 6, 2011 8:54 pm
Hi, we found this interesting soft-bodied insect near the Smith River in California, 7/5/11. It was somewhat lethargic. Larvae? or perhaps some kind of rove beetle? The first photo is best, the other one is blurry but shows it’s size (a little over an inch long).
Signature: M & J Mello


Dear M & J Mello,
We are very thrilled to receive your image of a Timema, a genus of Walkinsticks that are found in California.  They are fascinating insects that are not seen too often as they blend so well with their food plants.  You can see more images on BugGuide.

Hi Daniel, wow… for some reason I didn’t think Calif. had walkingsticks… how cool! I hope I released him/her in a proper place (a garden area with lots of varied plants). The insect came inside our cabin, probably riding on some gear, so not sure where it was originally. Next time we’re there I’ll watch for more of them.
Thanks!  M. Mello
PS like many, I love your site!

Location: California

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