Blue Winged Digger Wasp – digging
Location: Eastern edge of the Cumberland Plateau, rural Tennessee
July 5, 2011 11:05 am
Hello Daniel.
I must admit, I was concerned when I saw a hole in my freshly replanted bean bed, and saw what looked like a wasp going into it, but after reading your earlier postings on the Blue Winged wasp, and that she was probably taking care of Japanese beetles, I was glad. She’s welcome here! She busily removed and scattered soil fanned out from the hole for several minutes, but was difficult to get to stop for sharper photos! A short while later, the hole was filled and invisible.
Thanks again for your informative work!
Bob Kieffer
Signature: Bob Kieffer

Digging Wasp is Thread Waisted Wasp

Hi Bob,
We postponed posting your submission because we were trying to identify your digging Wasp, which should not be confused with a Digger Wasp.  In our opinion, this is a Thread Waisted Wasp in the family Sphecidae.  We believe this may be
Palmodes dimidiatus, a species with no common name, but which is shown on BugGuide preying upon different Shield-Back Katydids.  Here is the BugGuide information page.

Thread Waisted Wasp

Location: Tennessee

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