Prionus beetle in Connecticut
Location: Mill Pond Park, 864 Willard Avenue, Newington, CT 06111
July 5, 2011 5:22 pm
About 1 week ago, I captured a black beetle, about 2 inches long, in Mill Pond Park, Newington, Connecticut. (Mill Pond Park, 864 Willard Avenue, Newington, CT 06111).
The beetle was actually flying near the pond, trying to escape a house sparrow that was attacking it. The sparrow flew away and I went to see what the bug was. I captured the beetle as it tried to dig into the grass. The beetle had minimal damage, apparently from the sparrow. After I photographed and released it, it flew off into the bushes bordering the pond.
An entomologist I know who works at UConn said she guessed it was a Prionus sp. I’m just curious what species.
Signature: Chris Dubey

Broad Necked Root Borer

Hi Chris,
This year, most of the images we received of Broad Necked Root Borer,
Prionus laticollis, have been females.  Thank you for supplying us with a new photo of a male who can be distinguished by his antennae.  Your first hand observations of the sparrow attack is a great addition to our archive of information.

Location: Connecticut

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