Scary Big horned catapillar…..
Location: NE Oklahoma
July 5, 2011 9:25 pm
Even the cats wouldn’t play with it. It made quite the conversation point during the 4th celebrations at the house. So much for fireworks!
Signature: Joe

HIckory Horned Devil

Hi Joe,
We are positively thrilled that you have supplied us with our first Hickory Horned Devil sighting of the year.  These are the largest caterpillars in North America and they are impressive creatures.  We also just posted two photos of the adult Royal Walnut Moth.  This mature caterpillar has left its food tree, often hickory or walnut, and it will burrow beneath the surface of the ground to pupate.  As an aside, though we love cats, they do not “play” with insects since the insects generally end up no faring so well.

Location: Oklahoma

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